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  • » Chengdu Notary Public Office
  • » Nasser Malalla Advocates & Legal Consults
  • » KHS GmbH
  • » Click Netherfield Ltd.
  • » Lufthansa Technik Intercoat GmbH
  • » Hongkong Stem Cell Centre
  • » China Railway Engineering Corporation
  • » Samsung Electronics
  • » China State Construction Engineering Cor
  • » China Petrochemical Corporation
  • » The ABB Group
  • » Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • » Hoh Law Corporation, Singapore
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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is such an interpretation in which the interpreter stands beside the speaker, and takes notes in a special kind of shorthand during the speaker's discourse and translates the speech during the pauses. This interpretation entails a break in the communication and a considerable increase in the duration of the event, but it benefits from only requiring the presence of one interpreter per language combination and does not require the technical elements which are necessary for simultaneous interpretation.


Consecutive interpretation is appropriate for press conferences, conferences, presentations, seminars, receptions, banquets … any event in which one or more speakers give brief discourses which may be interrupted during the translation periods.


We offer a consecutive interpretation service, providing you with Chinese native interpreters, specializing in a range of subjects, capable of using the technical terminology inherent to fields such as economics, law, technology and science, among others. The languages pairs we support are Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Chinese-Korean, Chinese-French, Chinese-German, Chinese-Spanish, Chinese-Russian, Chinese-Italian, Chinese-Arabic, and Chinese-Portuguese.


As well as the consecutive interpretation service, we also offer other services involving simultaneous, whispered , business and telephone interpretation, translation, localisation, transcription, proofreading, editing, voiceover, subtitling and AV mixing.









Recent Projects
  • » English-Chinese translation of "Machine Manual" and "HMI System Manual" for InterTech Development Company (126016 Chinese words)
  • » Russian-Chinese translation on geology monographs for Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu branch(30 thousand Chinese words)
  • » English-Chinese interpretation on business negotiation in Chengdu and Xi'an for ClickNetherfield Ltd, UK
  • » German-Chinese and Japanese-Chinese Translation of fire protection documents for Sichuan Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, China(120 thousand Chinese words).
  • » Chinese-English translation of medical records for Mr. Yang, Canada(3.153 thousand Chinese words)
  • » Chinese-Russian Translation of load distribution specification of Turkmenistan project for Beijing Consen Automotion Control Co. Ltd. (9.755 thousand Chinese words)
  • » English and Chinese voiceover project of elementary school textbooks for Noah Education Group Co., Ltd.
  • » Chinese-English Translation of 1 paper on metallurgy for professor Cai of Sichuan Normal University (7.854 thousand Chinese words).
  • » German-Chinese interpretation on beer equipment installation in Chengdu for KHS GmbH, Germany
  • » Chinese-English Translation of 2 papers on chemistry for professor Zhang of Sichuan University (17.54 thousand Chinese words)
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