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Typical Clients
  • » China Aviation Gas Turbine Co., Ltd
  • » InterTech Development Company
  • » TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC
  • » Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • » Chengdu Notary Public Office
  • » Nasser Malalla Advocates & Legal Consults
  • » KHS GmbH
  • » Click Netherfield Ltd.
  • » Lufthansa Technik Intercoat GmbH
  • » China Railway Engineering Corporation
  • » Hongkong Stem Cell Centre
  • » Sichuan University
  • » Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • » Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • » The ABB Group
  • » China National Petroleum Corporation
  • » China State Construction Engineering Cor
  • » Hoh Law Corporation, Singapore
  • » Samsung Electronics
  • » China Petrochemical Corporation
  • » Sichuan provincial government department
  • » China Construction Bank
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If you want to expand  your share of  the global market, you should boost the popularity of your products or services so as to let people know your products and services. You can reach the target through a film, a presentation, a promotional video or  television advertising, visual publicity, localization of information, etc. which maybe need foreign language subtitles.


LW Translation and Dubbing center can provide  transcription, translation, voiceover as well as subtitling services. One of the core multimedia translation services is subtitling. Subtitling involves much more than a simple translation. It involves a highly technical and precise process to ensure that the audience is able to understand every scene with spoken or written content. Audiovisual translation related with subtitling  has its own specifications, rules and criteria. It must consider the restrictions of time and space which directly affect the final video performance. So our translation does not only consist of translating the textual context, but also supporting us in the image and the audio, with determined time and space.


We can render subtitles onto the master video so that they’re always visible, or embed them into the video so that they’re visible only when selected in the player. Our experienced video editors can create video subtitles using state-of-the-art equipment and can transcode your master video to any specifications required, and add custom design elements to your video, such as a contrasting background for your subtitles.



We also offer subtitle files for the web, Streaming VOD, DCP or IMF packages, DVD or Blu-ray Authoring, as well as for most non-linear editing systems. Whether you’re distributing your program on YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video, or authoring your own DVD or Blu-ray disc, we can provide you with subtitle files that will work for you. We’re familiar with the particular formatting and style requirements of all of the major Streaming VOD platforms and can easily incorporate any unique requirements you may have for your project.



Recent Projects
  • » English-Chinese translation of "Machine Manual" and "HMI System Manual" for InterTech Development Company (126016 Chinese words)
  • » Russian-Chinese translation on geology monographs for Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu branch(30 thousand Chinese words)
  • » English-Chinese interpretation on business negotiation in Chengdu and Xi'an for ClickNetherfield Ltd, UK
  • » German-Chinese and Japanese-Chinese Translation of fire protection documents for Sichuan Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, China(120 thousand Chinese words).
  • » Chinese-English translation of medical records for Mr. Yang, Canada(3.153 thousand Chinese words)
  • » English and Chinese voiceover project of elementary school textbooks for Noah Education Group Co., Ltd.
  • » Chinese-Russian Translation of load distribution specification of Turkmenistan project for Beijing Consen Automotion Control Co. Ltd. (9.755 thousand Chinese words)
  • » German-Chinese interpretation on beer equipment installation in Chengdu for KHS GmbH, Germany
  • » Chinese-English Translation of 1 paper on metallurgy for professor Cai of Sichuan Normal University (7.854 thousand Chinese words).
  • » Chinese-English Translation of 2 papers on chemistry for professor Zhang of Sichuan University (17.54 thousand Chinese words)
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